Don’t Make Me Cry: My Community Bstud

Danielle, Allie, Elaine, Me, Kelly, Emily, Kelsey, Molly Rose, Erin, and Ie Rae

It was last year, my friend Danielle and I decided to lead a community group (aka Bible study) together for Cru, formally known as Campus Crusade for Christ. So when this school year rolled around in August, it was our responsibility to reach out to the freshmen girls in three dorms around campus to see if they were interested in joining a Bible study. Long story short (because I could write a novel about them), we have been blessed with many beautiful women who are actively seeking the Lord! It has been such a honor to get to know them all, create a community centered around Christ, and watch them grow & be challenged in their faith! We don’t even think of them as our Bible study girls, but as our friends! I cannot say it enough, I am so blessed! They are AWESOME and I love them all!

Anyways, a couple weeks ago we had a sleepover to celebrate the end of the year and Danielle’s graduation! Our Bible study knows how to do sleepovers right! It consisted of eating at Outback, going to Kroger to get more food, and staying up until 5am doing an encouragement circle! The next morning, we got all dolled up and ready for our photo shoot. We stopped for the necessities, aka Starbucks and then were off to capture it all on film!  Praise the Lord it didn’t rain!! What a great day filled with these awesome girls, who are basically models! Shout out to the few who couldn’t make it, we missed you all dearly! Here are a few of my favorites taken by me and my wonderful tripod…

PLEASE look at Elaine’s face! Love it!


We are going to miss you Danielle!!

Danielle and I LOVE physical touch… not.

Thanks Allie for taking this!

Future IKEA household!

dship #1

dship #2



One thought on “Don’t Make Me Cry: My Community Bstud

  1. Patricia, these are great pictures. I know you enjoyed getting to know these girls and growing in the Lord this past year. Love you, Gammy.

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