Caleb & Emily: Everyday Life

It is crazy to think that I just met Emily in August! She is one of my many beautiful bible study girls. I remember first meeting her and thinking how sweet was (and is)! It was funny to learn that she is from my hometown, went to my rival high school, and lives on the same street as my boyfriend! Talk about a small world!

I have had the pleasure to get to know her over the past months and have learned many things about her… 1. she loves the Lord with all her heart 2. she has been dating her boyfriend Caleb for three years 3. she is an English major & great at reading the Bible aloud haha 4. she is a planner just like me 5. she is a Hokie! and so much more!

Starting this semester we have been in discipleship, which is basically a time to dig deeper into the Word one on one. However, two weeks ago we decided to have a photo shoot for our relational time! Shout out to Caleb for being a great boyfriend to her and modeling with her!

They are such a crazy couple!

My favorite!

Love this girl!


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