Alpha Delta Pi: Virginia Tech

It been a while since I have posted anything, so it is good to be back! This past spring before the summer I had the opportunity to take pictures for Alpha Delta Pi at Virginia Tech! I had never taken pictures with so many people before, so I was a little nervous. However, all the ladies were so great to work with and were very patient with me even though it was so hot outside. Thankfully we were able to be under the shade most of the time and everyone did fabulous! Thanks ADPi for the honor of taking your pictures!  <>

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Don’t Make Me Cry: My Community Bstud

Danielle, Allie, Elaine, Me, Kelly, Emily, Kelsey, Molly Rose, Erin, and Ie Rae

It was last year, my friend Danielle and I decided to lead a community group (aka Bible study) together for Cru, formally known as Campus Crusade for Christ. So when this school year rolled around in August, it was our responsibility to reach out to the freshmen girls in three dorms around campus to see if they were interested in joining a Bible study. Long story short (because I could write a novel about them), we have been blessed with many beautiful women who are actively seeking the Lord! It has been such a honor to get to know them all, create a community centered around Christ, and watch them grow & be challenged in their faith! We don’t even think of them as our Bible study girls, but as our friends! I cannot say it enough, I am so blessed! They are AWESOME and I love them all!

Anyways, a couple weeks ago we had a sleepover to celebrate the end of the year and Danielle’s graduation! Our Bible study knows how to do sleepovers right! It consisted of eating at Outback, going to Kroger to get more food, and staying up until 5am doing an encouragement circle! The next morning, we got all dolled up and ready for our photo shoot. We stopped for the necessities, aka Starbucks and then were off to capture it all on film!  Praise the Lord it didn’t rain!! What a great day filled with these awesome girls, who are basically models! Shout out to the few who couldn’t make it, we missed you all dearly! Here are a few of my favorites taken by me and my wonderful tripod…

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Oak Manor Ladies: House Pictures

Last semester I was asked to take house pictures for Katilynn, Lesley, Rebecca, Kelsey, and Heather! These women are awesome individually and together as a house! Love them! Now after months of waiting for good summer weather, I finally was able to take their house pictures. We had so much fun taking them with great weather and great people! Here are some of my favorites…

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Creative Shoot 101

For awhile now my friend Natalie and I have been trying to think of creative ways to do a photo shoot. The only things we could up with were coffee mugs, spray painted bottles, flowers, and fruit. Thankfully Bryan and Shelley volunteered to be our subjects! Thanks to Natalie for being my partner in crime! And thanks to Evan for running through the mud to bring us the picnic blanket that we didn’t even use!!

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50mm f/1.8

A couple weeks ago I was recommended the 50mm f/1.8 lens by a friend. I took me about two days to consider it, then I was sold! It definitely was an impulse buy, but it was a great one! This now brings me up to three lenses and I love them all. It is pretty awesome to reflect back and see how my love for photography has grown. I have captured many memories with my Canon. Here are some of the first pictures captured with my 50mm on another random (but awesome) photo shoot…

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Caleb & Emily: Everyday Life

It is crazy to think that I just met Emily in August! She is one of my many beautiful bible study girls. I remember first meeting her and thinking how sweet was (and is)! It was funny to learn that she is from my hometown, went to my rival high school, and lives on the same street as my boyfriend! Talk about a small world!

I have had the pleasure to get to know her over the past months and have learned many things about her… 1. she loves the Lord with all her heart 2. she has been dating her boyfriend Caleb for three years 3. she is an English major & great at reading the Bible aloud haha 4. she is a planner just like me 5. she is a Hokie! and so much more!

Starting this semester we have been in discipleship, which is basically a time to dig deeper into the Word one on one. However, two weeks ago we decided to have a photo shoot for our relational time! Shout out to Caleb for being a great boyfriend to her and modeling with her!

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SPN Photography

Shelley-Patricia-Natalie Photography

It all started on a long drive back from Passion 2012! Shelley and Natalie, two great friends are obsessed with photography just like I am. The idea of starting a photo blog together launched SPN Photography. We started a Tumblr and the idea was to post our pictures of different challenges that we set. The site is still in the works! If anything, we have just titled the three of us as a group, which is centered around photography. We meet almost every morning over coffee at Mill Mountain to talk about photography, friends, our lives, and to have our individual quiet times. It is definitely a highlight of my semester and I am so blessed to know these awesome women! The other Sunday while at Mill Mountain, we spontaneously decided to have a photo shoot…

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